Rawmarsh Dental Practice

I simply cannot recommend DS4U enough to anyone who orders in a Dental Practice. What sets it apart for all the others is the personal service that you get from Paul. He is knowledgeable and honest and will always get you a good price. If he can’t get it for you he is upfront and explains why rather than promising something and finding it is on back order. He will keep you up to date with what is going on. The products arrive promptly and I can honestly say that I cannot remember in the past 12 years having any issues with anything that we have ordered. There are only two companies that I have consistently ordered from over the years and DS4U is one of them which goes to show how much I have valued their great service. It’s refreshing to be able to speak to someone these days where online ordering is encouraged, so if you value personal service, with great prices and a human being on the end of the phone line then give DS4U a try.