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Curing Light
Very Powerful 1600mW/cm
• This curing light output achieves up to 1600mW/cm which can solidify 4mm deep resin in 3 seconds
• Large capacity battery. A full charge can be used for more than 300 times continuously 10s working time mode
• Low standby power consumption with 20 days standby time • Constant light intensity
• The solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of remaining power
• Powerpoint indicator
• Long Life LED Ambidextrous
• Power Input: AC100V to 240V 50Hz/60Hz
• Light Output: 800mW/cm – 1600mW/cm
• Dimensions: 260mm x 40mm x 50mm
• Net Weight: 141 Grams
All This for Only £99.95 or Buy 2 for £85.00 Each